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Bigg Boss-11 Luxury Budget Zero,Housemates get into a Huge fight, Shilpa says Benafsha Needs Medical Help..

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In Bigg Boss-11 All contestants are Participate in Rocket Task in Garden area. The Task name is ‘Mission Bigg Boss 11′, which is a combined task for luxury budget, captaincy and also to keep the winning money intact introducing the luxury budget task, in which the contestants will have to be seated in an artificial space craft built in the garden area till instructed not to. A siren will go off at regular intervals and contestants can choose to leave the rocket if they want. Before the task begins, envelops each with contestants’ names will be kept on a table in the garden area. But Contestants Cheated in the Task and as a punishment Price money as well as Luxury budget slip from their hands. Due to this task All the contestants Performance was very low as well as caption Puneesh. But House mates always  known for their Fights and troubles a Huge Fight as Hina says that Puneesh and bandgi were getting cosy last night. Hiten ask how they show their faces to heir Family.

Bandgi talk to shilpa about benafsha that Ben asked akash not to remove her Blanket as she Doesn’t wear proper cloths while sleeping. During a Fight between aksah and Ben. Shilpa console Akash that Ben needs mental help.

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